Shore I

For me, precarious territories are zones of disempowerment. They can also be perceived as a sedimentation of individual or universal history.

Shore I, essay 7,  video performance.

This proposal is the recording of a performance on the Ravine des sables beach. Video allows me to bring into play the instability of a line drawn on the shore. The action of the line is constantly redefined by Nature. Appearance is followed by immediacy towards disappearance. Time is measured in three ways: there is the moment of human action, then that of Nature, and finally that of the universe through the black sand. This superimposition shows the fragility of each element at different temporal scales. For me, it’s not a question of inventing my own relationship to time, but of capturing and staging the transience of my actions in time and space. In this way, Rivage I, version 7 expresses a space-time experience and bears witness to the existence of an illusory action.

As an artist, I want to poetically appropriate this moving space.
The moving surface of water in my practice plays the role of an untamable element.
It is in the impermanence of things, where nothing is immutable or eternal, that I articulate my proposals.


Shore III, self-portrait, photography series